Monday, December 29, 2008

608th Post - A Piece of Good News!

Spoke with the autobody shop today. They had to order a new tire for my car. If it arrived today, they'd be able to do the alignment on Tuesday and release it to me then. If it arrived on Tuesday, it would be Wednesday before the car would be in a state for me to drive again.

I may be able to begin 2009 with my car!! Wahoo!

You have no idea how much I have missed the car, since the accident 3 weeks ago. For one thing, the rental car is one that I would never consider even test driving, let alone purchasing. A light blue Hyundai Accent? Puhlease! Why not just castrate me now with a butter knife and get it over with? I want my six cylinder, dark gray 2008 Grand Prix with the air conditioning, cruise control, on*star, built-in telephone, vehicle, and I want it now! I have only had that beautiful car effectively for 3 days. Since the accident on December 9th, I have been driving the Girlymobile. Talk about a loss of dignity!

Soon, my pet. Soon! Patience.


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