Friday, January 2, 2009

613th Post - New Computer

Well, when it rains it pours. I bought a new digital camera 2 days ago, and this evening, I bought a new computer! Granted, it is last year's model HP Pavilion Slimline S3300F. It is a desktop, but it is barely a foot tall and maybe 3 inches wide. One review I read, here, indicates that it can be stored on its side (although the side with the fan is probably supposed to face up!). That's important to me because I need it to be able to fit in the small space on my computer desk under where the monitor rests. (No, I'm not gonna buy a new computer desk, so shut up!) My present computer (you know, the one with the incredible 125 megs of ram and the 6 gig hard drive!) is the kind of desktop they really don't make any more: It is not a tower-type desktop. What do you call these old desktops, anyway; the kind that isn't a tower format?).

I need to copy some of the stuff from this computer to a flash drive so that I can port it to the new computer, tomorrow. It will be things like settings and vpn information and that sort of thing. Some personal files, too. After I am sure I have everything I need from it, I'll put that cpu away somewhere in the house, and with a bit of luck never see it again. Maybe I'll put it next to my kitchen sink, because it's not like I wash my dishes very often, is it?

I also got a 19" lcd monitor, but I am doubtful if it would fit in the space where the monitor lives. A 17" monitor would be better, but it's hard to buy one that size any more. I am looking on kijiji for one now. A guy at work said there was a flat bed truck containing a couple dozen 15" lcd monitors, and that would be fine for this space and my needs. They were being thrown out, probably to one of those places that recycle computer equipment. He got 2 for himself and the rest went bye-bye. Some people have all the luck! I mean, there was that time I found that partially-chewed stick of gum on the sidewalk, but I have never had the kind of luck which would result in a free lcd monitor!

I'll try my luck at kijiji before I even open up the box that this new monitor is in.

I'd better get cracking on copying stuff off this old computer.



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