Monday, January 5, 2009

619th Post - Say Hello To My New Scanner!

The old scanner didn't work under vista. A second scanner given to me didn't work either. But this third scanner, given to me today by my friend Alastair, seems to work fine. I found a driver on the net that works with vista, and the associated software was in the same location.

Thought I'd scan in a cover of a reprint edition of Tales from the Crypt, from the 1950's. People remember these stories most fondly. Me, I found after a while, that there was a sameness to the stories and art and it became a chore to read these books. So, I stopped, even though my comics service continued to send them to me for a few months afterward. Thanks for that one!

These comics back in the 1950's were considered so subversive, so rotting of the minds of the kids of the day, that every attempt was made to ban them. These efforts were successful in that they stopped publishing the horror and science fiction comics, and switched to other titles. Those failed, and they were left with one title that had switched from a comics format to a magazine one. Perhaps you have heard of it. It is called Mad Magazine.

A few years ago, I exchanged a few e-mails with an EC artist named Graham Ingels. His nickname was "Ghastly", so his stories would be signed "Ghastly" Graham Ingels. I wrote him, and he thought I was a girl, asking me what I was doing on such a scary e-mail list. I corrected him. Maybe I should not have. Lord knows, it might have curried me some favour!

Do you remember the "Tales From the Crypt" tv show, with the "Crypt Keeper"? If you study the cover I scanned in above (you can make it bigger by clicking on it), you'll see that the "Crypt Keeper" in the EC comics doesn't really look like the guy from the tv show. If anything, the "Vault Keeper" looks like the "Crypt Keeper" on the tube. Even the "Old Witch" looks more like tv's "Crypt Keeper". I have always wondered why they made that obvious switch.

So far, so good. Scanner seems fine.

Thanks again, Alastair!

"Blood-curding" Bevboy
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