Tuesday, January 6, 2009

620th Post - Say Hello To My New Webcam

I bought my first webcam last week as part of my computer purchase. I had never used a webcam before, truth to tell. I just had not had a computer that would support the use of one.

This one is a logitech and is designed for laptops. It was half price so I got it. It is supposed to clip on to my computer monitor, but it doesn't. It just kind of rests there between the top of my monitor and the top of my computer desk.

So far, from my very limited experience, it is fun to have one. There is an amusing option called a filter which allows the captured image or video to be obfuscated or changed in some unusual way. The one I like the most, which you will see above when you play this, is one that reminds you of a 1950's scratched-up movie reel.

Below is a "regular" video.


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