Tuesday, January 13, 2009

635th Post - A Special Note

I note that this blog will experience its 20000 hit sometime probably on Wednesday the 14th.

Never thought I'd be up to 635 posts; I thought I'd make it to one or two hundred posts at the most. I never thought that some of these posts would take on a life their own. If you google "pasta eating cat", you'll find my posts on that subject. If you google "Karin Begin" or "Darian O'Toole", you'll find the first of my many posts on the late radio personality. If you want to read a bit more about Paula Gallant, you'll come to a very early post from this blog.

People have googled "who is bevboy", in an effort to find who the heck I am. Folks: I wonder myself, so stop looking. It is not that big a deal, who I am, and what my last name is. I have used the last name in a few places here and there on the blog over the past 635 posts. I am confident that you can find it if you read from beginning to now.

I have a regular reader in Northern California. A former boss of mine reads this post, and I dedicated post 150 to him. George is a great man, a veteran of WWII, who taught for many years before retiring early and becoming a library technician at the university he attended after the war was over. He took a chance and hired little old me in my sophomore year and kept me in comic book and pepsi money for the duration of my university life. He saved me from additional summer jobs at Burger King. Thank you, George!

Many of the people at my work read this blog on a regular basis, and some even suggest topics for posts. I cheerfully comply with these requests as it provides me with something to write about. After all, I feed this blog on a near-daily basis if you haven't already noticed. Some days, I write multiple posts, like today for example.

My interviews with local radio personalities and politicians are starting to make the rounds. I was deeply humbled when my interview with Dawn Sloane was referenced and linked to in a Halifax newspaper.

I used to say that, for post 200 or 300, that I felt I was just getting started. Well, here I am at post 635 and I still see no end in sight. I have one interview that I am transcribing now. There are 3 more interviews in the works, two with people I guarantee you have never heard of, but whom you'll find very interesting and who have made significant contributions to the artistic endeavours they worked in.

To sum up: Happy 20000th hit! May there be 20000 more!



George said...

...And, Bev............a damn good worker,too.........and a good friend

Bevboy said...

Thanks, George. That means a lot to me.

How are you and Ann doing?