Wednesday, January 14, 2009

636th Post - Ricardo Montalban is Dead

The post subject pretty much says it all. One of my favourite actors is dead. Mark Evanier wrote a very kind and funny anecdote about Montalban this evening. Please go read it.

I'm gonna fry for this one, but I wonder if his coffin will be lined with... fine Corinthian leather?

Yeah, I'm gonna fry.



kevin.tillman said...

Khan Noonien Singh would not be pleased at your insolence

theajthomas said...

I checked - you won't burn for it but you will have to wait 10 million years before you can go on the waterslide and your buffet privileges have been revoked.

Bevboy said...

Kevin: Was that Khan's full name? I had forgotten.

AJ: I am somewhat relieved. Buffets usually are over rated.