Saturday, January 17, 2009

641st Post - I Want This Book!

I was cruising through the Dorchester Pub website, looking at the horror books, the other night, when I chanced upon this book by Michael Laimo:

It looked like a neat cover, so I read about it a bit.

"Is Bev Mathers going crazy? He’s been hearing chilling voices in his head, seeing nightmarish visions that just can’t be true. "

What was that? Bev Mathers is a... dude?

It says, "He"!

Bev is a guy?

Holy Crap! How often does that happen, that the male protagonist, let me repeat: The Male Protagonist, of a novel, is named Bev? Not very! Not very at all!

I was disappointed to learn that the book is out of stock from Dorchester. I went to the writer's website, which is right here, and wrote him, telling him that this never happens, that The Male Protagonist of a book is never named Bev. He assured me that this was indeed the case and told me that it was not difficult to find the book on ebay.

I see that the book is also on amazon. I will order this book from them, soon.

A Male Protagonist for a novel is named Bev! Man, what will they think of next?


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