Wednesday, January 21, 2009

645th Post - Special Contest!

Hey, everyone. How are things?

I hope by now you have read the massive Chris Mills interview. It is my longest interview yet.

To celebrate this being my 6th interview, and the first one involving a published author, I thought I'd give away one of his books.

But you have to work for it.

In the interview with Chris, he mentions the name of a grocery chain. I want you to find that chain's website and tell me what year it was founded. I also want you to indicate in the e-mail the address of one of the stores in that chain. A simple copy and paste would do the trick.

Do not send your answers to the blog directly as a comment to this post or the previous one. I'll delete them if I see them. When you find the answer, email here.

I will draw the winning name from a hat next week.

This contest is open now, as of 8am ET January 21, 2009 until 8AM ET January 29, 2009. It is open to anybody in the world who reads this blog. I will mail the book to you no matter where you are, on my dime. (If I happen to work with the person whose name I select, then I'll just bring it in to you.)

This is a really nice book that Chris wrote, and he signed it, too. The cover appears somewhere next to this paragraph. Trust me: You want this book.

One entry per person.

Good luck!

More later.


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