Sunday, January 25, 2009

654th Post - Layoff Comment

I am watching "60 Minutes" as I write these words. They are talking about the company DHL is laying off hundreds and hundreds of people in the town of Wilmington, North Carolina.

I can relate.

In the part of the province where I am from, a chicken processing plant announced last week that it is shedding some 300 jobs. I know people who work there. Many of them, God love them, are poorly educated folks who have been working at these jobs for millenia. All they know is what they do at this plant. With that closing, who knows what they will do, and what will happen to them?

I have a job. I like it a lot, even on days when I get frustrated by something I am not learning as fast as I feel I should. But even at my previous job, which I hated, I knew that I was better off working there, unhappy as heck, than I would be if I were not working at all. Newbie and I would starve.

When I left that job, gleeful to be walking out the door, I took my replacement to lunch and told her what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. She agreed with me, but when I talk to her from time to time, she expresses dissatisfaction with her job. I don't blame her for that. I would, too.

I am not sure what I am saying there. I guess it is along the lines that things are awful out there, and getting worse. If you have a job, even if you dislike it, then clutch it to your bosom like a long-lost love and don't let go. And, if you do dislike it, look over your shoulder before you say too much, because chances are, there's someone unemployed who is in no mood to hear your kvetching.



Reg Schofield said...

There is work out there but most of it is part time , low wage levels that those who have been used to making decent money cannot live on . Plus when it comes re-training , good luck with that. I fear for the fall out emotionally on families. With such a lack of community around here and more of dog eat dog mentality , I can only pray they have good friends and family to help them adjust to some real tough economic realities.

Bevboy said...

I agree that there is work out there if you want it, but that the work may not be what you want it to be, or pay enough to make you happy. If you read my Chris Mills interview from top to bottom, you'll see that he works at whatever he has to to support his family. I respect that a lot.

Those folks at Eastern Protein are going to have a hard go of it. I hope that they don't, but it would be naive to think otherwise.

Things are getting worse out there, almost daily.

I am so grateful for my job!!