Thursday, January 29, 2009

659th Post - Back in the City, Again

My father successfully received his pacemaker on Wednesday evening. Within minutes of returning to his hospital bed, he was eating a late dinner, famished after his ordeal. He looked and sounded better.

I returned to the city this morning, after the storm last night, and before the threat for the roads to re-freeze could take place. I have spoken to Dad several times today, and he sounds much better. He is resting much better now, so he says, and eating better, too. He may be released as soon as Friday. Good news!

I was gonna interview my next person for the blog tomorrow, but will instead be returning to work. I have been off for 3 days and I miss work and need to return to it.

Oh, the contest to win a Chris Mills book is closed. The draw for the lucky candidates will take place tomorrow. All 3 candidates are at my work, so we'll work out an interesting draw at work tomorrow morning, ok folks?


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