Friday, January 30, 2009

662nd Post - Illegal Parking in Halifax

I see how the local paper ran an article yesterday about how a woman illegal parked in a competing business' parking lot before crossing the street and going into a nearby bank. Upon her return to her car, she was confronted by a boot on her car and a demand of $88 to have it removed.

Read about it here, if you want to.

The majority of comments on the article run to the effect that she was illegally parking and felt entitled to park there, and deserved to be ticketed for this offense. I agree with the majority this time. I live near a school. People routinely park in my driveway when they drop off their kids in the morning, or pick them up in the afternoon. It is hellish annoying. If I go out and yell at them, which I have, I am the bad guy. They just feel they have the right to park there and to heck with me. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

A few people have a sense of entitlement about things that is difficult for the rest of us to understand. They feel that because they have a car they can park it where ever they want. All too often I see people parked in fire lanes next to stores, engines running, while their spouses are shopping inside. They see nothing wrong with it. I do. I would never do something like that. Drop someone off there, yes; park there, no. But these people can tie up these firelanes for half an hour or more.

The article states that this woman will never shop at the Subway restaurant that had her ticketed, ever again. I can't imagine that the manager of that Subway cares too much about this woman's opinion, or of the minority of the people who agree with her.

Some people!!


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