Monday, February 2, 2009

668th Post - Don't Ever Get In An Accident

I am late for work at least twice a week ever since I began my physiotherapy and massage therapy regime. I will be continuing with this schedule for several more weeks, alas. I saunter into work on those days usually around 9:30. This morning, due to scheduling issues, it wasn't until around 10:30. I didn't so much saunter in as I did skulk furtively.

Patricia had received an ambulance bill for $600 for the 1 block ambulance ride she got on December 8th. $600! 1 block! [Fill in your favourite bad words here]! We walked to the local Blue Cross office during our lunch break today, only to discover that BC only covers the first $130; Patricia would have to cover the difference on her own, if my automobile insurance would not agree to do so.

As luck would have it, my automobile insurance gladly covered the difference in the cost, and Patricia won't even have to front the money first and be reimbursed afterward. She will just have to fax the information to the appropriate person at my insurance company.

All is good so far, but the inconvenience associated with this accident is nearly more troublesome than the injury was. Not having my car for 3+ weeks. Having to drive that sucky rental. Time missed from work. Being mauled by attractive young women twice a week, hoping that nothing moves.

Ah... well, there is wheat among the chaff.

But my point is that ... hmm, attractive women mauling me twice a week... hmm.

Never mind.

Looking forward to the next accident!


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