Tuesday, February 3, 2009

669th Post - Bev's Latest Purchase

It seems that I am single-handedly keeping the consumer electronics market going in Halifax. In the last number of weeks, I have purchased a new digital camera, an sd card to go along with it; a new computer, which I am using right now; a new digital voice recorder to replace the one that failed me in January; and now...

A portable mp3 player with built-in FM tuner.

It is an RCA lyra model TC1604. It has 4gb of flash memory, holding about 1200 songs (I download a lot of podcasts, so that will be quite a few fewer files). The fm tuner is nice and allows me to record directly from the station I'm tuned to, to the flash memory, creating a wav file (wish it were wma or mp3 instead). I can record voice memos. There is an audio book option, really a folder on the device that is designed to hold audio books from this website. And a coupon that comes with the player entitles me to 50 free music downloads from this here website.

There is a micro sd slot allowing me to add a card for additional storage if I want or need it. What is the largest micro sd card you can get now? 8gb? 12? Not sure.

I got this remarkable device for about 40 dollars. It was on sale, and is cheaper than the corresponding 2gb version of the player.

I bought this because I have been unable to find my 10 year old walkman for the last couple of days. It will probably turn up, but I missed having a radio or tunes to listen to on the bus or whilst walking around. I was reduced to listening to a discman on the bus this morning, which is big and awkward. This new machine is only slightly larger than a folded-up jackknife and contains a built-in usb connector!

I hope this is the final piece of electronics I buy for a while.

Although, those e-readers sure do look nice!


There are other options with the device


Unknown said...

Is your player still working? I'm considering getting a pair for my kids but see some really bad reviews and don't want them frustrated / heartbroken if it craps out. Please let me know what you think of this purchase now. Thanks.

Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing. It was a piece of crap. If there was nothing on the internal flash or on an external micro sd, the fm tuner would work fine. As more and more tunes were added, though, it took longer and longer and longer to start the thing up. It would easily take 10 minutes of diagnostics before the thing would deign to work.

When I added the external micro sd card, it slowed things down even more. It would also crash at odd times, and it would go through further diagnostics.

I returned it before the 90 day warranty (or whatever it was). I exchanged it for other mp3 players which worked better, but when I did find my old radio walkman, I took that last one back and bought a digital camcorder.

For God's sake, don't buy one of those rca devices. Your money would be much better spent on a sanza fuse (or however it's spelled) or any of a number of other mp3 players.

I appreciate your writing. Now that you've found my blog, I hope you keep reading it!