Saturday, February 7, 2009

673rd Post - Almost Human

The title of this post is my tip of the hat to KISS, the glitzy rock group that will be playing the Halifax Commons this summer. It is a song from their 1977 release called "Love Gun". The more fool me, when I was a kid and won that album off Annapolis Valley Radio that summer, I had no idea that the title track was a reference to a particular part of the male anatomy. Similarly, a jaunty tune called "Rocket Ride" from KISS Alive II is not actually a song about a ride on a rocket, at least in the context of the type of rocket that goes up into outer space and unleashes satellites and cosmonauts and the like. As I have stated before, I have a lot of problems with metaphors. Frig, if something is something, I take people's word for it, you know? When people say something is something, I am not mentally equipped to deal with it in any kind of metaphorical or poetical context. Just don't bother.

No, I will not be attending the KISS concert. The guy I interviewed for the blog today is in the vicinity of my age and was a fan of KISS back in the day as well. However, for many of the same reasons I cited, he won't be going, either. We don't feel like standing up for 8 or 10 hours or whatever the duration of the concert will be. And we don't feel like springing the extra bucks for a V.I.P. seat. Also, and this is my opinion, the whole thing is like a pig in a poke right now, because we don't even know who else will performing ahead of KISS.

(Waitaminnit! Isn't "pig in a poke" a metaphor? Aaarrggh!)

Getting back to me for a moment, I blogged over the last 2 days, as you will notice from the previous entries. However, they are exceedingly brief entries. They were all I could manage while I was sick. I was so out of it, that I forgot what the current post number was. When I logged on this evening, I fixed those earlier posts.

Obviously, I am feeling better today. Still not 100%, but I'll be able to function again tomorrow, and certainly be able to return to work on Monday. I know my readers at work have been worried about me. Sure. Right.

As I stated above, I interviewed my latest person for the blog today. He was great fun, and I look forward to sharing this interview with you as soon as I transcribe it. I will start that process this evening, chipping away at it over the next several days.

Think I'll surf the web for a few minutes, listen to what strange combinations of music my mp3 player in shuffle mode will concoct for me, and start on the transcription.


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