Monday, February 9, 2009

675th Post - Ouch!

Returned to the gym this evening, after work. My new personal fitness trainer, Liam, had me lifting weights and working on building up my upper body strength. That is a problem avec moi, and I hope to overcome it over the next few months. He did have me do some cardio as well. My legs are out of shape from the days when I could do an hour long spin class, not many years ago. It will all come back again. Just give me some time.

Spent about 2 hours today, during my lunch hour, and after work, and just now, transcribing the latest blog interview. I am perhaps 30-40% finished. Once finished, I'll play back the whole thing from top to bottom, correcting as many errors as I can, before I send the first draft off to my subject for his corrections and changes. I am still on track for the interview to go up here sometime next week. I know you'll like this interview! There are places where our laughter nearly drowned out what our subject was saying, and I had to play those pieces over and over again. And, as a hint of things to come, after this interview, I may have a new nickname!

Time for the Jack Bauer show.

Good night.


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