Wednesday, February 11, 2009

677th Post - Another Long Night

Spent over 3 hours tonight transcribing and proof reading the latest blog interview. I just sent the first draft to my subject a few minutes ago. Another question occurred to me while I was proofreading this evening, and I asked him if it would be all right for us to meet again for me to ask him that question officially. It is the kind of question that really needs to be asked, and I have never asked a radio person that question before. We'll see if he says if it's ok for us to meet. It will take him a while to go over the stuff I sent him this evening, though. And it will take me a week or two for my fingerprints to grow back!

If you're disappointed in the brevity of some of the recent blog posts, please keep in mind that this is probably my longest interview yet. I spend most of my evenings doing this, leaving little time to conceive, write, research a longer post. Sorry about that.

My father was rushed to hospital this morning, again. Long story, but he's back home now.

Off to bed!!


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