Saturday, February 14, 2009

681st Post - Happy Valentine's Day

Had a good day. Slept in. Visited Patricia in the afternoon, returning home about 10pm local time. It is now about 10:30.

Bought some stuff for my freezer today. Had some left over frozen meatballs which I tried to transfer from my fridge freezer to the big one downstairs, the one that contains the Hallowe'en candy from 2008 (maybe some from 2007, too!). I placed the meatballs, still in the cardboard container, on a ledge while I arranged other things in the freezer. Newbie came along, nudged the box enough to knock it onto the floor, sending the meatballs all over the office floor. Unable to cook them now, I tossed them out. Thanks, Newbie. Appreciate that I'll getcha for that, buddy.

Having coffee Sunday morning with my latest interview subject, a little follow up interview. And in the afternoon, Patricia and I are attending a Halifax Rainmen game. They are in an actual basketball league this year, not the stupid bush league they were in last season. Last year, they played against teams that might not show up, or the wrong team would arrive in Halifax, or whatever. One dumbass thing after another. I don't really follow basketball, or any sport for that matter; but the odd b-ball game is fun.

Have a good evening, gentle reader.

P.S. Any meatballs at home you don't want?

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