Wednesday, February 18, 2009

689th Post - A New Friend.

Went to Ian Robinson's home tonight after Toastmasters to drop off a copy of a CD I made containing the audio files of our interview. He was wearing this sweater and I had to get a picture.

He also showed me some scrapbooks of radio memories and we talked about that medium for a bit. I regret not accepting the beer he offered me but I have been on the go nonstop since 530 this morning. One beer would have done me in. I hope to accept his offer at a later date.

He printed off the interview. I have no concept of how long these things are. I just type like a crazy person until I am done. Anyway he printed it tonight. 38 pages! 38! Jeepers!

Have booked my next interview already. It will be on the 27th. Looking forward to it.

Very long day. Seepy time bye bye.

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