Thursday, February 19, 2009

691st Post - INXS News

I heard in the last few hours that J.D. Fortune, the Nova-Scotian born singer for INXS, has been fired by that band. You can google it, but why bother? You can read about it here, if you want to.

First heard he would be a contestant on a reality show a short time before the program debuted in the summer of 2005. When we heard that there would be a contestant from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, we had to watch the show.

Everybody knows everybody in Pictou County. Turns out that Fortune attended the same high school as Patricia, and George Canyon for that matter. JD's mother works for a law firm. Guess I shouldn't say more about that, like how I know that. You'll have to trust me is all.

Week after week, Patricia and I watched Rock Star:INXS, as the members of that band kicked off contestants. J.D. was nearly kicked off after the first week! But he improved, week by week, and finally, he was against one other guy in the finale. When he was selected as being right for the band, I was floored.

INXS released an album, Switch, and toured on it. They played Halifax in 2006, and we managed to get tickets. It was an excellent show, and a good album, to boot.

Then... nothing.

Fortune would spend time in Pictou County, claiming to be on hiatus from the band, that they were taking time off. Last year, he recorded a video for his still-unreleased solo album at his old high school, enlisting the aid of some of the students. He still considered himself a member of INXS.

Finally, just this evening, I received word that he had been fired from the band. I have no idea why news broke just this week, when they must have known some time ago what J.D.'s status was.

He was on ET Canada this evening. Quite frankly, he looked like a fella who lives in his car. He was unshaven. His hair was askew; had he been present, Don King would have lent J.D. his comb.

There may be more to this than meets the eye. We can only go by what we are told, and it is wrong to speculate. But, it sure is sad to see someone go from such exhilerating heights to such an ignominious fall.

I will be marrying a Pictou County woman at some point in the not-too-distant future. I feel like a Pictou County guy when I am there, and look forward to returning there in the Spring, so that we can open the cottage for another year. If we are driving down the road toward Salt Springs, or Westville, or River John, or whatever, and see a truck on the side of the road with a real cool-lookin' homeless guy living in it, I'll be sure to stop and say hello.


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