Monday, February 23, 2009

695th Post - Happy Birthday To Me!

I worked on Friday, my normal day off, so I would not have to work today. It is just as well, as I have heard that things were pretty hectic at work today.

I wasn`t feeling well today when I awoke, so I ended up feeding Newbie and returning to bed, where I remained until well into the afternoon. I am finally up, as of about 4:30 this afternoon, just over 3 hours ago.

Perhaps I am a little blue from turning 45. Maybe I picked up a bug of some kind. I am not sure. I just know that I didn`t feel much like doing anything today.

I told you last week that I have lined up my next interview for the blog. It will take place this week. I have already lined up the next, next interview, and I just got off the phone with with him. This is a major, major 'get' for little old me. I am a little surprised that he is going to sit down with me. I just want to make sure I don't screw this one up.

I have been told that some of these interviews are on the long side. I feel the pain of the people who have told me that. It is just that, in many cases, the radio people I speak with don't normally get an opportunity to speak at length about the behind-the-scenes stuff. They always have behind-the-scenes stories that I find fascinating. When these folks move away, or retire, or even die, those stories are lost to us, and a piece of local broadcast history is also lost to us. If this stupid old blog of mine can do a small part to preserve these stories, then I'll do it.

The guy I hope to speak with has radio stories that go back decades. I can hardly wait to sit down with him.

The JD Fortune story appears not to be over. A spokesperson for INXS today revealed that they had plans to include him in an upcoming INXS project. JD stands behind his story. The plot thickens.

I am thinking more and more that when they selected JD in the show a few years ago, that they were going to keep him around for one album and one tour. If he didn't work out, if the album did not sell, if the fans did not accept JD, they could come up with some kind of excuse to fire him, or let him leave with some dignity. Instead, he comes up with a story of being fired and of now living in his car (after paying off his mother`s house, and buying into a bar in New Glasgow). It just doesn't add up. I look forward to finding out the truth, and I'll share it with you guys, because I care.

Five days to post 700!



Glenda said...

Happy Birthday Oh Brother of Mine :):)
Hee hee hee - I've got another 3 yrs to for this one!
Enjoy what's left of this day :)

Bevboy said...

You`ll be there before you know it!