Thursday, February 26, 2009

699th Post - Not The Way I Wanted The Day To Be

As Newbie scratches my clothes, jumps off my lap, then back on to the computer desk, before returning to my lap, I thought I'd bring you a little up to date on my day.

Patricia got some bad news today. The kind of bad news I can't really talk about other than to say that our hope last week that a long-outstanding problem would be resolved may have been premature. Sucks.

It forced me to take more time off work today than I really wanted to. I didn't even have time to log off my computer today. I just left and didn't have a chance to return. I didn't even come home tonight until about 8:30, which is on the late side for an old fella like me.

My post 700 may be delayed until Saturday. Tomorrow, I work (for sure!). I also interview my latest radio person, go out to dinner, and attend the Halifax Mooseheads game in downtown Halifax. I won't be home until quite late, and post 700 requires more attention than I'll be able to muster at that hour. Sorry.

Have a good night.


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