Saturday, February 28, 2009

700th Post - A Time For Change!

Hello, gentle reader. Welcome to post number 700 of Bevboy's Blog.

You'll notice quite a few changes this evening. Tired of the old format layout, I opted for this one. It was hard to select a new layout, and it is possible that in the coming days I may choose yet another one. But if I don't, I ask you to give this layout a chance. I usually prefer darker colours anyway, and the light green and yellow layout from before was no longer one I could look at. I am not a girl or anything.

You'll notice a new byline or motto for the blog. It was coined avec moi at my Toastmasters meeting this week. We were all having a hard time saying the name of this blog. Too many B's, I guess, even for me, after a long day at work. I explained how I came to be nicknamed as Bevboy at Toastmasters, and at a couple of my places of work over the years. Adding the "Blog" part ensured an easy-to-remember name, even if it is hard to say. The concept of the blog's name was clean, and clear. I decided to make it the new motto for the blog. Besides, I no longer think this is the most boring blog in Canada. I have worked very hard over the past 700 posts to make it at no worse than the tenth most boring blog in Canada. The most boring blog in Nova Scotia? Probably. But no longer the most boring one in Canada. Give me that small piece of dignity, people. I need every scrap I can get.

Finally, I can officially announce that I have the domain name of . If you want, update your webbrowser to point to the above url. The 699 posts preceding this one all point to the new domain. I have also purchased and . I don't know what I'll do with them, yet. If you have any clean suggestions, let me know.

I began this blog in November of 2007 because I needed a forum to express myself, and write about whatever was bopping around in my head at a given moment. I had missed doing this on a message board which no longer made me feel welcome a few months earler. I wrote about that in post 300 if you want more information. I find that, 700 posts in, I am not running out of ideas. On the contrary, there are days when I come up with more ideas for posts than I have time to write.

My interviews with radio personalities are beginning to take on a life of their own. I have an interview to transcribe now. I will begin that process on Sunday morning. The answers she provides to my humble questions are most revealing, and I look forward to sharing this interview with you. I have 3 more interviews with radio people to work on after this one. Two other people not working in radio have consented to interviews. And, the more interviews I do, the more word of them gets around, and the more people begin to contact me, offering to speak to me about their radio careers. Since we sit down to a meal for these conversations, I fear that I will have to switch to eating salads, or I will never see my feet again!

I'll finish this post by asking you, my readers, to suggest any topics you would like me to discuss here. I am open to any such suggestions. Keep in mind, though, that there are a few things I know nothing about. You know, like sports. Not a good idea to ask me about sports. While you're at it, don't bother to ask me about women, dogs, or mint tea. Other than those things, ask me to write about whatever you want. I'm game, and will give it the old college try.

Post 700 down. Are you up for another 700? I know I am!


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