Sunday, March 1, 2009

701st Post - A Busy Day

My friend Ian Robinson took Patricia and me on a tour of his radio building today. I posted a sample of the pictures I took to my facebook, and will post a few of them here.

The picture closest to these words contains Patricia flanked by two interview subjects from this blog. That`s Ian Robinson on the left, and Chris Mills on the right.

The second picture features Kelli Rickard, who on weekends does shifts at KOOL FM in Halifax.

Adam H. is one of the jocks at the station that replaced CJCH. During the week he works a shift until 2am!! I`ll say this much for the station: It is nice to have a bit of live late night radio and I wish there were a lot more of it.

It was very kind of Ian to take 90 minutes or so away from his family, delaying his lunch, so that he could take the two of us on a tour of the station. Thank you again, Ian, for your many kindnesses and for all of the times you have helped spread the word of this silly blog of mine.

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