Monday, March 2, 2009

702nd Post - A Frustrating Day

Got to work this morning and discovered that my work computer wasn't booting. You may recall that the monitor croaked on me on January 2nd, 2009. Well, it seems that the hard drive is toast, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. You shouldn't have data on your hard drive only. That's why we have network drives: To store that stuff on, because it will get backed up every night. Fine. I get that. But, still, there are things, some personal things, even some things related to this blog, that may be unreachable to me now.

I have managed to reconstruct, here at home, much of the information that was lost to me at work. Should have had that stuff here anyway. Don't start in on me. I have perhaps a year's worth of digital camera pictures that are gone now, but it is hard to think of what I actually lost. The last couple of years, I have not used that old camera much. I used the BB camera quite a bit. Those back ups are gone now, but I have deleted very little from the 2G micro sd card I have for the BB, so I can reconstruct much of that, too. No biggie, I guess.

It is conceivable that the work stuff, and the personal stuff, on my work hard drive can be recovered, if the help desk can get the drive to boot just one more time. Keep thy fingers crossed.

It's 8pm, and I haven't even started to transcribe anything from the most recent interview. Why don't I do that now?


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