Tuesday, March 3, 2009

703rd Post - A Couple of Things

Got word this morning that my father had been rushed to hospital yet again. He is finally home this evening, just moments ago. After work on Wednesday, I will drive down to my parents' place, because on Thursday, he requires surgery, and I have agreed to drive him there and back. Another very long, Jack Bauer-esque day.

I worked for a couple of hours last night transcribing the latest interview. People are looking forward to reading it. I am typing as fast as I can, folks. You have to realize that I am one person doing the whole thing myself. I prepare the questions. I conduct the interviews. I transcribe the entire thing myself, which is a huge job. I send the first draft to the subject, who may or may not request changes. I prepare the post. I upload the pictures and sprinkle them throughout the post. I upload the video I shoot during the interviews; for whatever reason, it can take 30 minutes or longer to upload even a short video clip.

That's when the real work begins.

I go through the entire text and find references to whatever (clubhouse sandwiches, or a radio station, or whatever) and find an associated website for that item. I make that word or phrase clickable such that by clicking on that word or phrase you are taken to that website, in a fresh window, so that you don't navigate away from the original blog post.

You have no idea how time consuming these interview posts are. I am not complaining. If I didn't want to do this, I wouldn't. I am just trying to help you understand why they take so long to do. It is just me doin' them all from top to bottom.

Any questions?


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