Wednesday, March 4, 2009

704th Post - Parent Blogging

I am at my parents place tonight. Early tomorrow morning I have to take my father in for cataract surgery.

I worked all day and drove here this evening. Running on fumes. Another long day tomorrow.

Buddy at work has managed to recover about two thirds of the files from my old hard drive that I needed. A minor miracle. Most of what could not be recovered is on a CD or two I burned a couple of years ago. What isn't on the cd's should not be that hard to reconstruct.

The interviews for the Blog were not recoverable. However they are on cd's at home on my computer shelf. No biggie.

I am very lucky. Lesson learned.

Will turn in shortly. I bought a DVD box set this week called Forbidden Hollywood (volume 2). It features pre code movies. Prior to the institution of the Hayes code in the early 1930's films could be pretty racey but probably tame by todays standards. I shall soon see.

Never seen Bette Davis nekkid. It is about time!

Long day tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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