Thursday, March 5, 2009

705th Post - A Whirlwind Trip!

I took my father in for his cataract surgery this morning. There was a two hour delay because there was a power outage at the hospital. Pushed back everything else in my day by that amount of time. I didn't return to the house until about 7pm, just over an hour ago.

Newbie really missed me. I left him alone for a day, with extra food and water and 2 clean litter boxes that I would have used if necessary. When I got home, he greeted me at the door with a minimum of condescension. As I type these words, he is bumping his head against my arms, forcing them off the keyboard.

I managed to transcribe for about 20 minutes during my lunch hour at work yesterday. Haven't touched it since. I'll chip away at the interview tonight for an hour or so before going to bed early.

Oh, I watched one of the special features of the Forbidden Hollywood dvd set last night. It is a documentary on these pre-code films. They were actually not pre-code at all. The Hayes code had been in effect for years during that period, but just blithely ignored by all the studios, until 1934 (July 1st) when there were such protests over the content of some of those movies that the studio had little choice but to adhere to a strict production code. You know, stuff like: kisses can't last longer than 3 seconds. Married couples had to sleep in separate beds. If a man and woman were becoming intimate, his feet were not allowed to leave the floor during those 3 second kisses. Man, this stuff reminds me of my early dating attempts in high school!

"Can't we just be friends?" Shut up. Just shut up. I'm no longer happy to see you.

Oh, no naked pictures of Bette Davis last night. I'll keep looking.

Newbie wants some love.



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