Thursday, March 5, 2009

706th Post - The Beast Is Dead

I grew up watching Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling on tv. It was on every Saturday evening, and it was a ritual for my father, me, and my sister Glenda to watch it while my mother was cooking something good in the kitchen for Sunday dinner. While my mother did not watch the program, her mother certainly did. I fondly remember "Myrt" watching and heavily getting into this show, shrieking at the tv for the Beast, or Leo Burke, or Leaping Lanny, or whomever, to defeat the bad guy of the week.

Steve Murphy this evening interviewed 2 people associated with the show. It brought back a flood of memories. I never saw them wrestle live, just on tv, but what great fun it was to watch back in the day.

The Beast (Yvon Cormier) was one of my very favourites, right up there with Leo Burke, Killer Karl Krupp, The Cuban Assassin, Sweet Daddy Siki, and so many others.

These pleasant memories are tinged by the sadness of noting that the Beast died on Wednesday of cancer. He was 70. Another piece of my childhood is gone forever.

Ian Robinson on his facebook posted the following link. I thought I'd include an embedded version of this to show some of the stars of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling!

Thanks for finding the link, Ian. Seeing these guys again all these years later was such a treat.

Oh, wanna see Killer Karl Krupp? Of course you do. This is not the best video quality, but check him out in all his glory:

Oh, to heck with it! See Killer Karl Krupp beat up TG Stone, and stay tuned for a special surprise.

(By the way, they taped this show at the CTV Studios in Halifax. The same studio where Steve Murphy does the evening news!

Are you looking at me?



Reg Schofield said...

Boy did that bring back some fun memories of watching my Gramps going into a fit , yelling at the TV and cursing out the ref for not "seeing" the hidden bar of metal! Indeed another little bit of our childhood gone .

Glenda said...

I too can remember Myrt hollering at the tv in her swearing days; I swear it was almost as entertaining watching grammie watching wrestling as it was to watch the tv wrestling myself.

Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing, you two!

I can't believe that Gram will have been gone 20 years this Spring. Where have the years gone?

I remember yelling at the tv for those guys to beat up Killer Karl Krupp or whomever.

Such simpler times. Gone forever. Sniff!