Tuesday, March 10, 2009

712th Post - A Special Bevboy Update

I finally finished, after 11 days, the transcription of the latest blog interview. Sent it off to the person a few hours ago.

The Chris Mills interview was lengthy. The Ian Robinson interview worked out to be 38 pages printed. The latest interview, with a celebrity to be named later, is probably 40% longer than that!

I just asked the questions, and the answers were provided in some detail, which is fine. I am not complaining. I will just have to re-generate my finger prints before I commence the next interview with... a player to be named later. I have a feeling that this interview, the one I am starting to think about seriously now, will be even longer than the one that will be published here shortly. I may publish it in installments!

Met with Chris Mills this evening for about 45 minutes. We shot the crap for a bit before I gave away a scanner that a guy at work gave me last year. It won't run under Vista at all, and Chris still runs XP. This should run fine, and from what he tells me, this scanner is quite a bit newer than what he has at home now. He is happy to get the scanner, and I am happy to be rid of it and to see it go to a good home. I love to give things away.

Anybody want half a jar of peanut butter? Crunchy.


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