Saturday, March 14, 2009

717th Post - A Day In The (Annapolis) Valley

Got up very early this morning, on a darned Saturday, in order to drive down to my parents' place for the day. To take them shopping, take them out to lunch, that sort of thing.

It didn't exactly work out that way.

My father was supposed to be released from the hospital this morning. When Patricia and I arrived there around 8:45 am, my mother told me that Dad would not be getting out after all, that his release papers had not been signed yet. Double plus ungood. It meant that a surprise we had cooked up for my mother would not come to be. My mom's birthday is on March 17th, and the hope was that Dad would take her and my sister, whose birthday is a few days later, out to lunch.

With Dad's release from hospital delayed, Patricia and Mom and I were left to our own devices. Mom wanted to go shopping at Wal Mart, so we did that.

Meanwhile, my BlackBerry's Facebook client told me that a high school friend, Heidi, who reads this blog, would be working today in Wolfville, a short distance away. I contacted her to see if we might see her for a few minutes. She wrote back a bit later that it would be fine.

We shopped and had lunch before deciding to visit Dad at the hospital. We had no sooner found a wheel chair for my mother to sit in, when my sister Gayle appeared behind us and told us that Dad was being released after all! We waited for him in the lobby and drove back to the house.

We got back to the house a short while later. Mom gave Patricia and me a grocery list and the money with which to purchase the groceries.

Before we got the food, we drove to Wolfville, where we touched base with Heidi, whose picture graces the photos in this post. I had not seen Heidi since, I dunno, 1983 or so. We graduated in '82, but we probably ran into each other once or twice after that for a bit. There had been no contact between us for many years until she found me on facebook six months or so ago. Man, I love facebook. I hate the brand-new FB layout, but the idea of it is amazing.

Heidi works for Victoria's Historic Inn, a, well, historic inn in Wolfville. She kindly took us on a tour of the place. Check out the website. As nice as the website is, it does not, cannot, do justice to the beauty of that inn. Heidi tells me it is for sale. If I had the money...

We stayed for about 15 minutes. We took our leave, promising to keep in touch.

We then went for a bit of a drive, ended up at a Frenchy's outlet in Coldbrook, where Patricia got a few items. The parking lot is crazy bumpy, though. It is pitted and nearly impossible to drive on. Patricia reported that she nearly popped out of her bra. When I told her I would use that funny line in tonight's blog post, she begged me not to.

I promised her I wouldn't.

I lied.

We drove to the Superstore, bought out the store, ran a couple of other errands for them, and returned to my parents' place for dinner. We rested for a few minutes before returning to the city around 7pm. I have been home for an hour or so now.

A very long day. But a very good day. Time for beddy bye.

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