Tuesday, March 17, 2009

723rd Post - Happy Now?

After more feedback from a reader, I have changed the colour scheme a bit. We now have a blue background. I hope it is to everyone's liking.

Not sure it is to mine.

I may go back to the original layout.

Feedback, people! Feedback. Do you like this new layout or not?



urquharj said...

My kids always ask me that... "Happy Now??" And yes, I am happy! The blue is quite an improvement over the St. Paddy's day green, although I have to say not as nice as those poke-a-dots. Oh, how I loved those poke-a-dots!

Thanks for the changing it Bev, I can now enjoy your blog again.

Bevboy said...

I may still go back to the very layout that I used until a few weeks ago.

Glad you can at least read the blog now.


urquharj said...

I though you thought it was too 'fem'?!

Bevboy said...

What's wrong with being in touch with one's feminine side, Jane? Are you trying to make me cry?