Tuesday, March 17, 2009

724th Post - One Of My Favourite Articles

Every week, I make an effort to read a free local newspaper in Halifax called The Coast. I am not always successful in reading the paper. Life gets in the way.

I usually get caught up on weekends, but other times, I let them pile up and I read them in one swell foop at the cottage. It is a marvelous place to read. We overlook the Northumberland Strait. We can see Prince Edward Island from the deck. A cold, tasty beverage; a radio on for background noise; and something to read is an irresistible combination. I'll sit outside on a chaise longue to read, or sometimes even in the living room. Ah! I can hardly wait to get back. A couple of months yet. Patience, my pet. Patience.

Anyway, I like the Coast a lot. One of my interests is true crime. Stephen Kimber wrote an article, a long one, about a Halifax police officer and his abiding interest in solving murders. It is a fine, fine article, and I'm glad I can now read it whenever I want to.

And so can you.


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