Saturday, March 28, 2009

737th Post - Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have been on the go all day.

Started the day by participating in the Bowling for Kids campaign. Our team raised over $500 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Yay!

The theme this year was a Western one. Only Gillian bothered to dress the part. She doesn't normally dress that way!

This afternoon we attended the local Home Show. I don't know about you, but while I don't mind seeing the wares of one or two companies offering, say, floor laminate, by the time I see the 8th company offering, say, floor laminate it becomes awfully wearisome.

This evening we shopped at a local Shoppers Drug Mart. Several times a year they offer 20x Optimal Points, their inhouse point program that you can use to buy stuff with. I am trying to build up as many points as I can in case I decide to buy another digital camera later on this year. I like the camera I have now, but not enough to hold on to it for five years or anything like that.

Spent time with Cindy Clawford today. There she is with Patricia, in a photo taken today.

Left Newbie around 8:30 this morning and didn't return until after 9pm. Poor little cat is all over me now. I think he misses me when I am not around. It is hard to tell because he is, after all, a cat. At the best of times, cats are aloof animals that go out of their way to pretend you don't matter to them, and that they can get along just fine without you. Newbie is even more so, although he is usually in the same room I am in .

Oh, before I call it a night, I am wondering if anyone reading this can help me out. The micro sd card for my previous BlackBerry seems to be toast. I had quite a few crappy pictures and video on it. MP3's, too, but I don't care about them. There is some irreplaceable stuff on that card. I usually keep it sync'd with my computer at work, but if you recall, that computer died on me recently. I got a brand-new computer this week at work, but didn't have a chance to back up the old card before transferring it to the new BB. I try to load that old card, and the BB complains that it can't read the card, in either BB. This evening, I put the microsd card in an SD adapter and placed it in my computer's card reader. No dice, except that the adapter sure did over heat in 30 seconds or so. Is there any way to get the stuff off that faulty micro sd card? Any pearls of wisdom, folks?

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