Monday, March 30, 2009

739th Post - A Brief Post About Spider-Man

Kind of under the gun here. Lots to do before Jack Bauer starts in an hour or so.

How many of you watched the classic, and cheesy, 1960's Spider-Man cartoon? I sure did. I watched the same ones over and over until they were burned into my brain; it would take severe brain washing techniques to make me forget them. But, how many of you know that nearly all of the actors who provided the voices for the characters were Canadians? They worked cheap, and did good work; these were strong traits in their favour. These cartoons were made on a strict budget, as you can tell by watching them today. Spidey swings past the same six buildings over and over. He doesn't even move that much. And several of the stories were recycled for another series called Rocket Robin Hood, which emanated from the same production company, and sure does look it.

Paul Soles is an old man now; but 40 years ago he was the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He has a website where he discusses those years and those heady times. What else would it be called other than.... Wallopin Websnappers ? I mean, really!

It is fascinating reading, and it's even animated in the style of the old cartoons. You have to check it out.


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Reg Schofield said...

Who cannot sing the Spidey theme!! I can still remember eagerly watching every episode as a kid , not realizing how many times they used the same shot of Spidey swinging over and over again. But hey it was cool cheese!!