Wednesday, April 1, 2009

743rd Post - A Quick Update or Two; A Rant About MP3 Players

I am taking Thursday off work, leaving the city early tomorrow and returning in the evening. Another long, long day before a return to work on Friday.

I have Toastmasters in about an hour. Haven't been to an actual meeting in about 3 weeks. Couldn't go last week, and 2 weeks ago was our Off-Site Team-Building Exercise.

Upgraded the firmware on this stupid mp3 player last evening. It had the effect of wiping the contents of the player, losing every song and podcast I had stored there. Let the software application re-load everything last night before I went to bed, but it conked out around two-thirds of the way through the process. There is plenty of space left on the main storage, and more than half of the space remains on the micro sd card. I am guessing my computer went into a sleep mode or something. Perhaps there is yet another bug in the mp3 player.

Used to be that the player would conk out for no reason at all. The firmware upgrade helps a bit, but not much. This RCA Lyra Pearl 4G unit with the built-in FM radio is so buggy that I regret buying it. It still freezes. It checks the micro sd card periodically, and doesn't return to my control, so I have to pull the battery. I'll put it in my pocket whilst I'm trekking to work and it will reset itself as if I had just changed the battery, even though I haven't. Stuff like that.

I know a lot of you techno dudes read this blog. What kind of mp3 player do you recommend? I want one that runs off a standard-sized battery (AAA or whatever) and has a built-in FM tuner. And that works well and will last me for a while. Just 2 months in, this one is making me say words that will bar me from Heaven if I don't watch out.

Time to brush and floss my teeth before my meeting. Do excuse me, won't you?


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