Sunday, April 5, 2009

748th Post - So, Did You Listen?

How much of this year's Q104 Pay For Play Rockathon did you listen to this year?

I listened to as much of it as I possibly could. Darn me for sleeping for a few hours here and there. Phooey to me for having a job and needing to work on Friday. A pox on Patricia for making me miss the last few hours this afternoon, instead spending time with her.

They do this every year to raise money for the Children's Trust Fund, a company-driven charity that raises money for children who require medical assistance. They managed to raise just shy of $20 000 this weekend. Since they began these six years ago, they have raised over $100 000!!

As usual, I loved every second of the weekend that I was able to listen to. I know they played "Alice's Restaurant" by Woody Guthrie at least four times; they may have played it again this afternoon. It is the only time of year I hear that song, and I guess that is fine by me. It is about 25 minutes long, and begins to grate on a person after a while. Hearing it a few times a year is enough. Enough.

I loved the banter between the jocks; they needed at least 2 people per shift to get things done. JC's audio commentary during "Revolution Number 9" was much more entertaining than the actual song was. And the eclectic range of music this weekend was breathtaking, wonderful, and left me wanting more. Well, maybe not another playing of "Alice's Restaurant", but other than that...

In the car yesterday, driving around, I had the radio welded to the Q. This morning driving to Truro to interview the next radio person for the blog, I had the Q on all the way to and from. I could not get enough of this wonderful music!

I heard songs this weekend I hadn't heard in many, many years. Some songs, I had not ever heard in my life. Judas Priest's music continues to entertain me, and I outgrew heavy metal a long time ago. I wonder if this is because their lead singer is gay; there aren't many gay heavy metal singers, one presumes. Rob Halford is the gentleman's name. Maybe his sexuality lends something to the music that is lacking in other metal bands. I am not sure. Haven't spent much time thinking about it. Probably won't.

Here is one of my favourites Judas Priest tunes: Turbo Lover.

I requested 2 six packs. Friday evening, I paid $150 to hear six Blue Rodeo songs. Used to be, you couldn't swing a blonde without hitting a radio that was playing a Blue Rodeo tune. Today, they don't get much air play. I am not sure why.

Saturday morning, I paid another $150 to hear six Alice Cooper songs. I hadn't heard Public Animal Number 9 in several years. Other tunes included "Poison", "Novocaine", "Desperado", "Black Widow", and something from his newest album, "Along Came a Spider".

Hope this link still works by the time you read this:

Sunday morning, I paid $25 to hear a Stones song, "Memory Motel". It is from the "Black and Blue" album, released in 1976. This whole album is underrated. It is one of their better efforts, but it has been overshadowed by releases like "Exile on Main Street" and the sublime "Some Girls". Frig, I love "Some Girls". I love "Some Girls" as much as I hate their next album, "Emotional Rescue". But "Memory Motel" is an important enough tune that it has its own wikipedia article, which I linked to above. It is one of the few tunes where Jagger and Richards sing together on the same track. There has been much speculation on who the mysterious woman was that they sing about. If you haven't heard the song, it's about time you did.

This is a shorter version of the song, but it features vocals from Dave Matthews. A true rarity.

This weekend with Q104 was very special. I look forward to it every year. I wish they would do it a bit more frequently than that, but I can see how this would be very hard on their staff, working nights and weekends and the like.

JC Douglas, an interview subject, and one who reads this blog: You did a great job again, my friend.

I can hardly wait for the next Pay and Play weekend!!



theajthomas said...

So... You know about itunes right? You don't have to wait a year to hear a song you like : )

325 song is a whole lot of memories.

Bevboy said...


A.J., I rewrote and expanded this blog post this morning to explain what this weekend is all about. Please take a moment to re-read it, but it not about the music as much as it is about the Children's Trust Fund charity.

What type of mp3 player do you have, anyway? Mine is giving me heartaches by the number, troubles by the score.