Wednesday, April 8, 2009

751st Post - The Day After

It takes me a bit of time to come down from one of the blog interviews. It is a heady experience for me, akin, one supposes, to giving birth.

People tease me about the interviews. They go on about my passion for radio that nearly borders on an obsession and hope to set aside the 10 hours or so necessary to read them. I demur a bit, but just a bit. The evidence supporting their assertions is such that it would be hard for me to muster an effective counter argument. I've produced 7 interviews with radio people, and 1 with a municipal politician; and each one has been longer and more detailed than than the one before. I ask obscure questions and list arcane dates from memory in much the same way that a medieval friar must have been able to recite ancient texts. Call me Rainbev.

Those of you who like the interviews will be pleased to know that 3 more are in the works. That is to say, I have interviewed the next person and lined up two more interviews. I have to transcribe that first interview, and I would have put a good dent in it last night when I realized that I could go ahead and put up the Denyse Sibley interview instead. So, I did, working on it for nearly 5 hours last night, finding all the websites for the people and places Denyse mentioned, uploading and placing the pictures where I wanted them, uploading the video I shot, locating and embedding the music videos. It all takes time.

On Easter Monday, I interview the next person. And, so far, April 24th looks like the date for the interview after that. This last person's radio memories go back to the 1940's. I am honoured to be able to sit down with him, and hereby publicly thank Ian Robinson for helping set this up. That a mere blogger like me can be afforded these opportunities humbles and cows me.

I blame my father for this attention to detail, and for my wish to get everything right, to try to make everything be perfect. He brought me up to be this way. "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.", he taught me. I think of that on these interviews. That is why I work so hard on them. I strive to make each interview to be better than the previous one. You can decide whether I have been successful.

I'm on a half day course at work in the morning. I really don't want to go but have procrastinated long enough.

Meant to go to bed more than an hour ago. Yawn!


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