Saturday, April 11, 2009

755th Post - Tall Ships Post

This was taken in 2000 at the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax. It was the first time there had been a Tall Ships Festival since 1984. We had missed that one, but would not miss this one.

Since then, there has been a festival every 2 or 3 years. They were last here in 2007, and I wrote about my wonderful experience as a Tall Ships volunteer last year. They are coming back in 2009, and I have to wonder how difficult a task it will be for them to find people to volunteer for the crappy jobs that they could never hire people to do. I also have to wonder how many citizens will want to pay money to be able to go on board the ships. In 2007, one of my jobs was to prevent people from going on the ships who hadn't paid the 18 dollars for the weekend pass, or whatever the amount was. There were some pretty indignant people who couldn't get on the ships, because it had always been free up to that point. I don't know what the foolish fee will be this year. I just know that on the weekend of the Tall Ships Festival 2009, Patricia and I plan to be out of town, probably at the cottage.

Anyway, this is from 2000. Found this picture on Friday and scanned it in tonight, and thought you might like it, too.


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