Sunday, April 12, 2009

756th Post - Damn It, Chloe!

One of my favourite shows is "24", starring Kiefer Sutherland. The show has become better and better over the years. I call it the Jack Bauer Show, as the program slows to a crawl when Kiefer is not in a scene.

This season is arguably the best since since 5, 3 years ago. Season 5 is considered to be the best of the entire series, with one exciting, jaw-dropping episode after another, culminating in Jack Bauer going on a slow boat to China to be tortured for 18 months. Excellent stuff.

Season 7 has been exciting, too. And I have to wonder how Jack will get out of his current predicament, poisoned as he is by a virulent nerve agent and destined to die within hours. Kiefer has already signed up for season 8, so unless Jack has a twin brother, he'll be back. Somehow.

I haven't discussed the show here on the blog before because I wasn't sure where I was gonna go with it. Tonight, however, I thought I'd share a blooper reel I found on youtube. Those who watch the show know that it is a non-stop serious action show, with the characters barely taking time to crack a smile. The stakes are always too high. Which makes these bloopers all the funny:

Haven't had enough yet? How about the "24" drinking game? Y'see, it's a network tv show. They can't swear very much, for fear of upsetting people. It's fine for Jack Bauer to shoot people to Kingdom Come, to torture them within an inch of their lives, for him to commit all kinds of other violent acts; but goodness forbid he should cuss a little bit whilst doing it.

College students (it's always college students!) devised the following drinking game. Kiefer acknowledges it in the piece from the Tonight Show. Check it out.

Are you still here? Don't you ever give up? Damn it!

Fine. Here's a video Christmas card made in 2006, partially shot on the actual 24 C.T.U. set. It's pretty funny.

Busy day for me tomorrow. Interviewing the next blog subject. Second of three interviews for the blog for this month.

Good night, and damn it!


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