Monday, April 13, 2009

757th Post - A Christmas Post Eight Months Early!

I know it's awfully late for this post, but last night's post about "24", and in particular the "24th" post parody I embedded here, made me think of the old CBC production of "A Christmas Carol", starring Rich Little, which first aired in 1978.

The CBC ran this show every December for years before tiring of it, I guess. It is too bad, because I don't think it's available on dvd or in any kind of commercial format.

Rich Little is either someone you like or don't. I like him. As being someone who can't do funny voices, and can barely sound like himself, let alone anyone else of note, I have always marveled at Little's ability to recreate the voices and mannerisms of famous people.

It is hard to believe now, watching this in 2009, but when this was first broadcast, many of the people he mimics in this video were still alive. Others were so iconic that it is hard to think of them as having passed on. Of the ones who are no longer with us since the first broadcast, many have slipped into obscurity. I mean, who thinks of Johnny Carson any more, or Edith Bunker, or even Jack Benny? Paul Lynde? Who was he, anyway? You get the idea. Just keep in mind the fact that these impressions are pretty much dead on.

I think I have configured this such that when one piece ends, the next one will start automatically. If not, let me know and I'll fix it.

This will last about an hour. Watch it on your lunch hour.

Herewith: Rich Little's "A Christmas Carol".


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Reg Schofield said...

This was a blast from the past. I like Little and have fond memories surrounding the airing of this special. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.