Thursday, April 16, 2009

760th Post - Anybody Here Watch Fringe?

I tried to like Fringe. It is produced by J.J. Abrams, of "Lost" fame. I like his work. It featured some actors I liked. But I was bored to tears after the first episode, and haven't watched any since.

I am certainly aware of the show, though. A gradual mythology around it is growing.

A recurring character on the show is referred to as The Observer. But what some fans don't know is that he has been, well, an observer in some episodes where he didn't speak a word. He was like a Hitchcock cameo: There, and then gone. It is pretty clever.

Someone found many of these earlier appearances and mashed them up and put them on youtube. Check it out if you want.

The character has shown up in the oddest places. Like on an NFL game broadcast:

And what is a little Nascar without The Observer?

Finally, there is this live edition of American Idol. The character is not referred to. He's just there.

What's next? He is in the background at a trailer park on Cops, as they bust another shirtless perp? Walking past a re-enactor on America's Most Wanted? I can hardly wait.

I have to admire the marketing of this show and of the character. Who would have thought to cross-polinate this character from show to show? It is a brilliant marketing strategy. Perhaps it would work for Bevboy's Blog!

What do you think? Should I give "Fringe" another chance?


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