Tuesday, April 21, 2009

767th Post - Say Hello To Sam

This is a cat that started visiting Patricia last Autumn. I was finally able to get my camera trained on him a couple of days ago, and this is what he looks like.

We know he's a boy cat. Let's leave it at that. We know he isn't fixed. We'll be delicate about that, too. We're pretty sure he's homeless. That's the really sad part.

We named him "Sam" because, well, he looks like a Sam to us. He makes his rounds of the neighbourhood, hitting people up for food, which we and others give him. He has been inside Patricia's place a few times, too, but with Cindy Clawford living there, we don't want to disturb her.
Sam somehow made it through the Winter. He would show up from time to time, looking cold and frost bitten, before moving on to someone else. He is extremely timid around humans. He will let Patricia pet him, but only for a moment. If I show up, he takes off. It is a wonder I was able to snap these photos, and a few others, on Sunday.

I am not sure what my point is here, or if I even have one. "Sam" is but one of potentially a couple hundred thousand homeless, abandoned, even feral cats in the Halifax area. Those are numbers that the average person cannot grasp. What we can hold on to, look at, even fall in love with, is "Sam", who did not ask to be treated this way, or to end up in the predicament in which he finds himself.

If only half the jerks who get cats and abandon them, would just get them spayed or neutered beforehand, then much of this problem with homeless cats would be fixed. Instead, they get kittens that, once they become a burden, or too expensive to keep, are thrown out and left to fend for themselves.

Maybe, if he ever trusts us enough, we'll take "Sam" to the vet's and have him fixed. At least, then, he would be unable to knock up other cats, and a little bit of the damage his previous owners wrought can be repaired. Maybe he'll let us keep him.

If we're good enough for him.

After all, you know what cats are like.


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