Wednesday, April 22, 2009

769th Post - Quick Blog Update

Hello, loyal readers.

I thought you might like to have a quick update on the blog, and the interviews I do for it.

Late Tuesday evening I finally finished transcribing the interview I conducted on April 5th. This is not as long an interview as some of the previous ones. It is just that the Easter holidays slowed me down; I couldn't find as much time to type as I really needed. Anyway, he has the text. I have asked him to vet it and request any changes like dumb typos that I made. I hope to publish that interview next week.

On Thursday, at lunch time, I meet with my next interview subject. This is a guy who's been on Halifax radio pretty much non-stop since the early 1980's. He is one of the guiding forces behind Q104. I am excited about this interview!

On Friday, I interview another person. I purposely scheduled this interview for my day off because I know this will be a long, long interview. I have cleared plenty of space off my digital voice recorder. I have 2 spare batteries in the little pouch I store the recorder in. This fellow's memories of Halifax radio go back to the 1940's. I have prepared some extremely obscure questions, and he tells me he is up to the challenge. I actually have a picture of a caricature of a radio personality who was on CJCH in the late 1940's, and will publish it with this interview!

I just hope I am up to the challenge of finding my way around (ugh!) Dartmouth Crossing. I mean, I support the idea of (ugh!) Dartmouth Crossing, if for no other reason than it will keep people over in Dartmouth who might otherwise come to Bayer's Lake, on God's side of the harbour. It is just that I haven't quite figured out, yet, how to find my way around (ugh!) Dartmouth Crossing. It was touted as an easier way to get around than my beloved Bayer's Lake; but I have found the opposite to be the case.

The interview subject told me today during lunch that the Swiss Chalet is easy to find, just off the highway. Yeah, right. Sure it is. I have no doubt about that. Really. Uh, huh. I realize this man doesn't know me, because if he did, he would never have said that to me. As I have stated here before, there exists no set of directions so fundamental that I cannot misinterpret them to my disadvantage. You tell me to go right, I go left. Not out of spite. Out of misunderstanding the difference between right and left. Same with up and down, East and West. Let's not even discuss the space/time continuum!

(Yes, my BlackBerry has a GPS built into it. It doesn't seem... sporting to use it, though. You understand?)

(Besides, GPS stands for "Global Positioning System". I just don't think they work in my world.)

Patricia will come with me on Friday to keep me from losing my mind, driving to (ugh!) Dartmouth Crossing, and finding this Swiss Chalet place. I will make sure the car has a full tank of gas. I will use most of it, driving around and around and around.

Easy to find! Bah! I'll show you easy to find!


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