Thursday, April 23, 2009

771st Post - A Health Scare

Not a health scare for me, thank goodness. One for my friend Mark Dooley.

I have known Mark for several years now. We became acquainted through the afore-mentioned Tony Isabella message board. When I decided to leave that board in '07 and launch Bevboy's Blog, he is one of the people I tried to stay in touch with.

Mark had a health scare recently. A talented writer/artist, he decided to put it in comic strip form, to excellent results. And he has graciously granted me permission to post them here.

Thank you, Mark, for letting me run these terrific strips. And I hope and trust you're doing better. Keep in touch, my friend.

All art work is copyright 2009, Mark Dooley.

And, do I have to remind you, my readers, that you can click on each strip and see an expanded version of it? No, of course I don't.

All the best!


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