Wednesday, April 29, 2009

779th Post - Coming Down!

It is 10 pm, and I will be going to bed soon. I spent more than 3 hours last night working on the Moe Dunn interview, finding all of the websites associated with the people, places, and things that Moe mentioned. I had to source all of the music videos I embedded in the interview. I had to upload the pictures and video. It all takes time, more than you think.

I haven't spent any time transcribing the two latest interviews in the last two days. It is late and I won't be doing any tonight, either. A visit to Costco on Thursday evening will take a big bite out of my leisure time, leaving little time for transcribing. Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it?

I will let you know that two more people, radio people of course, will be interviewed for this blog in the month of May. And, I am not finished with Moe Dunn. He wants another sit down, to discuss his life and career since the 1980's. He was pressed for time on April 5th and I want to do right by him. Sometime in late May, a month or so from now, we'll talk again, and you'll see the results here.

The two new folks are both looking forward to meeting with me. I am with them, too.

More in a moment.


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