Friday, April 10, 2009

754th Post - More Pictou County Pics

Part two of a two part post about our quick trip to Pictou County today.

This house was apparently in poor condition for many years. But, as you can see, it looks much better now.

My camera is so good that I was able to focus on a small red object on the ground in front of the house, using the digital zoom feature Picasa offers. It looks like someone's hat.

I took several pics of the Ship Hector this morning. You can see the rest of them on my facebook, sans comments like this.

The cottage looks great. I have been dreaming about the place again in recent weeks. Come October, we'll be tired of the place again, or at least will have had enough for another year. But right here, right now, being there for another number of months is very appealing to me.

That is Patricia standing next to the cottage this afternoon.

We checked the place out, and took a few things down today so that we would not have to take them down next month.

We open it up around the long weekend in May. It can't be soon enough. Can hardly wait.

You know, I really had not been to Pictou County before I began to see Patricia, years ago. Now, it feels like a second home.

The town of Pictou is beautiful, and we love attending the arts events at the DeCoste Center. New Glasgow is where most of the shopping is. There is a natural spring where we get fresh water several times a year. They say we shouldn't drink it, but everybody does, and I haven't heard about anybody keeling over from it yet.

I remarked to Patricia that the trip to and from the cottage today seemed to be shorter this year. Perhaps it is because my Grand Prix is such a pleasure to drive.

Back in the city. Back to reality.

Three days left before I return to work. I love long weekends!


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