Tuesday, May 5, 2009

787th Post - A (Non) Vacation Day

Not much to write about today. I got part of my bathroom changed around today. The walls and crap around the tub were replaced with stuff from bathfitters. They removed the tiles that had been behind the original plastic wall the previous owner had cheaply put up over the wall (which was missing some tiles). They ripped out and replaced the old, damp, crappy drywall, replacing it with new stuff. They put a strong adhesive over that to hold the special acrylic wall that looks and feels just like tile. They replaced the old faucets with one new one. The shower curtain rod has been replaced with a curved one that is up higher than the old one. It looks just great. But I can't use the shower until Wednesday morning at the earliest. I'll likely wait an extra day, just to make sure the adhesive and the silicone have all had a chance to adhere and dry completely.

I took some pictures. I could put them up here on the blog, but some of the before picture are pretty gross. Let me know if you still want to see some of these pictures. It is shameful how the previous owners allowed the tub area to become so grody. But it`s all better now, and I`m happy.

While Buddy was doing his work, I was down here at my desk, transcribing the latest interviews. I fell behind last week, unfortunately, with life just getting in the way of this task. I also firmed up plans with a certain radio person to meet with her this coming Friday at noon. I am looking forward to it.

Plenty of work to do outside of my day-to-day job. I need to be cloned! As long as my clone is not as cute as I am, I'll be ok with it. If you remember all the cloned Michael Keatons in "Multiplicity", you'll know what I'm talking about.


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