Tuesday, May 12, 2009

794th Post - Happy Birthday, CHNS

CHNS radio went on the air this date in 1926. They began broadcasting at the Carlton Hotel before moving to the Lord Nelson Building a couple of years later. This photo was taken in 1928. It's apparently actor Austen Willis at the mic.

In 2001 I attended the station's 75th anniversary celebrations, at the Lord Nelson Hotel. They had many of the old timers from the 1960's and up on the air talking about the old times. I taped much of that, and still have it on tape at home. Must digitize that stuff.

A fascinating fragment from that weekend was when someone (perhaps Frank Cameron) said that he had just spoken to someone off air who had worked at the station in the 1930's. Why, oh, why, did they not interview that man? These stories are being lost to us every day.

No, I haven't finished transcribing the latest interviews yet. And there are gonna be upwards of 3 more interviews conducted this month. Who's a glutton for punishment?

More tonight, if you're good.


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