Tuesday, May 12, 2009

795th Post - How To Give A Cat A Pill

So, I have a cat, Newbie. Except that a person doesn't really have or own a cat. A cat is an independent creature who loves you on its own terms. I know Newbie cares for me at least twice a day. When I feed him.

He is aloof, is my friend Newbie. But there are times he insists on company. Until a few seconds ago, he was brushing up against my arm, making it hard to type this post. Then, abruptly, he gave up and slinked off. He'll be back for more. He always is.

I have had Newbie to the vet several times. The first time was when he was about six months old and I had the vet remove his, uh, newbies. Newbie hasn't forgiven me since. Any time he goes into his carrier, he associates it with going to the vet, I think. He doesn't like that.

I have given him pills, but they're so small they barely exist. I mix them in with his food, and he seems to eat them.

However, this old humour piece seems to be so full of truth that I had to share it with you.

Herewith: How to give a cat a pill.


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