Thursday, May 14, 2009

798th Post - A Day Off?

My parents are getting ready for bed. I am downstairs in my recroom wondering if I will ever get the hang of typing on this EEE pc.

I took the day off w0rk to clean the h0use up enough to get them off my case. I don't know how people do it: Hold down a full time job, have a bit of a social life, and maintain a house. They both love the new shower, so that buys me some credit with them.

Tomorrow, Mom has an appointment. She wants to go to Value Village as well. Who knows what other plans she has for me. I will find out 10 seconds before I actually have to do it.

Wanna get a better battery for this eee pc. No way does the current one last "up to" 3 hours.

Oh, just firmed up yet another interview for this blog. That will be three interviews next week! Two radio people, and one other person who's a real "get". Thrilled to be able to speak with him.

Cottage this weekend. Opening the place up. Looking forward to it.


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